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Council slams Qld Government's silence on Northern Basin Review Disallowance Motion

Balonne Shire Council has slammed the Queensland Government’s silence over the imminent Senate debate on the Northern Basin Review Disallowance Motion.

Mayor Richard Marsh said the State Government’s silence spoke volumes about where their allegiances lay.

“The New South Wales and Victorian Governments have spoken out against the Disallowance Motion in support of their communities – however the Queensland Government has remained silent,” he said.

“This motion will impact multiple Queensland Local Government areas in the Northern Murray-Darling Basin and we would expect our Government to defend us, but there has been nothing.

“Premier Palaszczuk and her government have not publically displayed any understanding of the impact of returning to 390GL would have on the affected Queensland communities or shown any public support for them.

“Frankly we are very disappointed as it appears they are putting their political allies before the future sustainability of this region and indeed the state.”

Cr Marsh said the Murray Darling Basin Plan Amendment was made law last year and was the result of extensive independent community consultation on social, economic and environmental factors.

“The 320GL has already had a huge detrimental effect on our communities, but to return to 390GL will be a king hit to our shire and send many businesses to the wall,” he said.

“Until this motion is defeated our residents, producers, businesses and service providers will be on tenterhooks, waiting to see if they can plan for the future or return to being in limbo land.

“Council is doing everything possible to save this community – we have called, emailed and lobbied senators to inform them of what has already happened here and what could happen if they supported the Disallowance Motion.

“We are fighting for our communities and call on the State Government to support us in this fight.”