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Council slams Greens for showing blatant self-interest

Balonne Shire Council has slammed the Australian Greens for displaying blatant self-interest when it comes to the livelihoods of communities in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Mayor Richard Marsh said the Greens had shown a total disregard for the communities with their push to reinstate the 390GL Northern Basin Water Recovery target.

“We are extremely disappointed that the Australian Greens have made no effort to contact us or the communities to discuss the impact of this change,” he said.

“They are putting their political agenda ahead of people’s lives and frankly have shown scant understanding on how the Murray-Darling Basin Plan works.

“The Greens are sacrificing the Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland communities in effort to secure votes in the upcoming South Australian elections.

“Their motto is ‘standing up for what matters’ – it looks like saving their political skins is what matters most to them.

“What matters to us is that the communities across the Basin have access to enough water to ensure their survival – for Balonne Shire that is capping the water recovery at 320GL.

“The science surrounding the 320GL benefits the environmental assets at a similar level to 390GL.

“At 320GL communities AND the environment are protected.

“We urge all parties to reject the Greens Disallowance Motion that is currently before the Senate and put the Murray-Darling Basin communities first.”