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Council seeks details of water-dependent businesses

Balonne Shire Council is putting together a register of water-dependent business to enable our water teams to advise these businesses of loss of water supply.
Director Infrastructure Services Ross Drabble said there had been situations when loss of water supply had impacted water-reliant businesses and his team had been unaware of their dependence.
“What we want to do is have a list of businesses within the shire, like childcare centres, hairdressers, medical practioners etc, that we can inform of any water supply loss whether it is emergency works or planned works,” he said.
“Not only would this help our water team ensure our business community is being looked after and prevent any issues within their business.”
Mr Drabble said Council’s priority was to serve the people and this service would benefit, not just the businesses, but their clients as well.
Shire businesses are asked to contact Council by emailing with Water Supply Register in the subject line and including names and contact details by 19 January 2018.