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Council praises community and police after drug network smashed

The Balonne Shire Council has praised police and community members for proactively working against drugs in our region.

Today saw the culmination of the Queensland Police Operation Oscar Kohl which saw a large number of people arrested in St George and nearby areas for drug and property related offences.

Deputy Mayor Fiona Gaske said this morning’s police raids were a result of our community choosing not to tolerate drugs in our region.

“The success of Operation Oscar Kohl was due in no small part to the co-operation of agencies and the community,” she said.

“The drug problem in St George is no worse than anywhere else in Queensland, but it was our community’s concern about drug use and its effects on families in our region and its cooperation with the police that led to these arrests,” she said.

“Our community can now move forward feeling safe in the knowledge that Council will continue to proactively support our community, however this will depend on the future cooperation of all levels of government and local agencies.

“The nature of this work can be disruptive to families and we urge all members of our Shire to support each other and seek appropriate help where required.

“Councillors personally visited or called support agencies seeking their heightened vigilance as there may be members of our community needing support.”