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Council disappointed with Basin Plan Amendment disallowance motion

Balonne Shire Council is disappointed Senator Sarah Hanson-Young last week moved a disallowance motion on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan Amendment.

The Amendment would reduce the water recovery target in the Northern Murray-Darling Basin from 390GL to 320GL.

Deputy Mayor Fiona Gaske said Council was very disappointed the Senator moved a disallowance motion without first visiting the region most affected by the water buybacks.

“Senator Hanson-Young has shown no respect for the communities which have already been severely impacted by water buybacks,” she said.

“Her disallowance motion shows she either does not understand the socio-economic impact of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has had on this region or she just doesn’t care.

“The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has put a lot of time and resources into talking with our community to gauge the full impact of the water recovery target and has sensibly put forward an amendment to cap it at 320GL.

“Our Council and communities call on Senator Hanson-Young to get out and visit our devastated communities and learn how her motion will further affect them.”