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Council devastated by passing of Northern Basin Review Disallowance Motion in Senate

Balonne Shire Council is devastated the Senate has passed a Disallowance Motion on the Northern Basin Review.
Councillors were unanimous in their disbelief that Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s motion to revert to recovering 390GL from the Murray Darling Basin’s northern reaches was passed in the Senate late yesterday.
“The Federal Government passed the 320GL water recovery limit into law late last year and our communities have been able to deal with that, but to return to 390GL will be a king hit to our shire,” Mayor Richard Marsh said.
“We have already seen the devastating effect the water recovery in the Northern Basin has had on Dirranbandi and St George, but this move will have a greater impact on our communities and the future of our Shire.
“Our residents, producers, businesses and service providers will again be in limbo, uncertain on what is going to happen and what the future holds. Our region needs to move forward and begin rebuilding, but this has hit that progress for a six.
“Council demands the Government step in and provide funding for long-term growth projects to help keep the Shire going.
“Without Government funding for diversifying industry and broadening our economic base our communities will have a very poor future.”