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Balonne Shire blindsided by Federal Government's latest water buyback

The Balonne Shire Council has been blindsided by the Federal Government’s announcement that it has strategically purchased more than 28GL of water in the Condamine-Balonne catchment.

Councillors were united in their shock on hearing of further buybacks in the Lower Balonne region.

“Our communities are still reeling from the previous water buybacks, so to hear there has been another substantial buyback we feel our communities have been blindsided,” Council said.

“Council’s understanding was that the Federal Government would seek to recover water through other means due to the devastating social and economic impacts of buybacks felt by our communities.

“We call on our political representatives to support the 320GL limit as recommended by the Murray Darling Basin Authority to provide some certainty for our residents.”

Councillors have called for equitable federal financial support for the Balonne community considering the extraordinary amount of money spent by the Federal Government on this latest buyback.

“This money would boost employment and investment in industry in our region which will combat the effects of water buybacks,” they said.

“We want to assure our residents and businesses that we are continuing to fight for their best interests.”